About Us

Our Team believes in the basic concept of 'It does not matter how much you earn, what really matters is how you manage your money'. Most of us go around thinking that we will have a better life once we start earning more. We fail to realise that once we start earning more our lifestyle changes as per our new income and we end with little or no savings at all for emergencies or for retirement.


We want to inculcate the habit of saving and investing in the consumers by making them aware about their current financial standing and providing advice on changes they need to do in their savings habit to attain their financial goals, in the time desired by them.


We take a holistic approach based on the customers-

1. Life cycle
2. Life stage
3. Risk Appetite
4. Risk tolerance


and provide advice on the following areas-

1. Investment avenues
2. Life Insurance
3. Health Insurance
4. Cash flow
5. Financial Goals


We do not provide advice on which stock or Mutual Fund to invest but provide a broad advice on the % of amount to be allocated in Equity/Debt or traditional investments like Gold/FDs.

We analyse the existing investment methodology and suggest appropriate changes wherever required. We also analyse existing insurance policies be it life or health in terms of actual cover requirements, suitability and appropriate policies Your financial goals achievement possibilities are also worked out and course correction requirements are also advised.